About Us

Welcome to Local Warung Yayapo: Celebrating Authentic Indonesian Cuisine

Passion for Traditional Indonesian Food

At Local Warung Yayapo, located in the vibrant heart of Ubud, Bali, we take immense pride in serving delicious and authentic Indonesian cuisine. Our journey begins with Citra, the proud owner and chef of our charming establishment. With a unique heritage spanning Sulawesi, Java, and Halmahera, Citra's passion for traditional Indonesian food runs deep.

A Culinary Journey Rooted in Heritage

As a teenager, Citra discovered her love for cooking while assisting her aunt at a dive resort in Sulawesi. It was during these formative years that she developed a profound appreciation for the rich and diverse flavors of Indonesian cuisine. Citra's favorite part of her time at the resort was being in the kitchen, where she could experiment and create mouthwatering dishes.

Blending Traditional and Western Influences

Later in her career, Citra became the restaurant manager at a boutique dive resort in Alor. Here, she had the opportunity to optimize the menu to cater to the tastes of Western guests while preserving the essence of traditional Indonesian dishes. By skillfully blending flavors and techniques, Citra created a harmonious fusion that delighted the palates of guests from around the world.

Dreams and Setbacks: From Pandemic to Opportunity

Citra's dream was to open her own restaurant, and she relocated to Bali with her little family to pursue it. However, her dreams came to a halt with the onset of the global pandemic. Uncertainty loomed, and it seemed as though her aspirations would remain on hold indefinitely.

Seizing the Opportunity: Local Warung Yayapo is Born

But in May 2023, fate smiled upon Citra in an unexpected way. Her favorite salon suddenly closed its doors, leaving a vacant building behind. A perfect opportunity presented itself, and Citra saw it as a sign. She embarked on a six-week journey to transform the space into Local Warung Yayapo, a haven where she could share her passion for Indonesian cuisine with the world. Every aspect of the restaurant was carefully designed, renovated, and prepared for the grand opening at the end of June 2023.

Experience Local Warung Yayapo: Our Unique Concept

Nasi Campur: A Buffet-style Feast of Indonesian Flavors

At Local Warung Yayapo, we offer a distinctive dining experience. Our specialty is Nasi Campur, a buffet-style feast that allows guests to savor a variety of Indonesian flavors in one sitting. With a selection of delectable dishes laid out before you, you have the freedom to curate your own plate according to your preferences and cravings.

À La Carte Selection: Complementing the Nasi Campur Experience

In addition to our Nasi Campur, we also offer a selection of à la carte items that complement the buffet experience. These dishes showcase the diverse range of Indonesian cuisine, allowing guests to explore different flavors and textures. Our à la carte menu offers a variety of options to satisfy every palate.

Meet Citra: Owner and Chef of Local Warung Yayapo

Her Vision and Passion for Authentic Indonesian Cuisine

Citra's dream of opening her own restaurant has become a reality with Local Warung Yayapo. Her vision is to preserve the authentic flavors of traditional Indonesian cuisine and share them with both locals and visitors alike. Every dish that leaves her kitchen is a testament to her unwavering passion and dedication.

Crafting Dishes with Love, Dedication, and Expertise

As the owner and chef, Citra personally oversees every aspect of the culinary experience at Local Warung Yayapo. Her commitment to excellence is reflected in every dish that leaves her kitchen. With a meticulous attention to detail, Citra sources the freshest ingredients, handpicks aromatic spices, and combines them with time-honored techniques to create flavors that transport you to the heart of Indonesia.

A Gastronomic Journey Awaits at Local Warung Yayapo

At Local Warung Yayapo, we invite you to embark on a gastronomic journey that celebrates the diverse and vibrant flavors of Indonesia. Whether you choose to indulge in our Nasi Campur, savor our à la carte offerings, or a combination of both, each bite is an invitation to experience the rich tapestry of Indonesian culinary heritage.

Warm Hospitality and Unforgettable Experiences

Beyond the exquisite flavors, Local Warung Yayapo offers warm hospitality and an ambiance that invites you to relax and savor every moment. Our attentive staff is dedicated to ensuring your dining experience is nothing short of exceptional. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a regular patron, we treat every guest like family, making your time with us truly memorable.

Join Us at Local Warung Yayapo

We invite you to join us at Local Warung Yayapo and experience the authentic flavors, warm hospitality, and enchanting atmosphere that make us a beloved culinary destination in Ubud, Bali. Allow us to take you on a remarkable culinary adventure through Indonesia's rich culinary heritage, one plate at a time. Come and savor the tastes of Citra's heritage and let Local Warung Yayapo become your go-to destination for an unforgettable Indonesian dining experience. Thank you for considering Local Warung Yayapo, where tradition and passion intertwine to create a truly remarkable dining experience. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms and sharing the wonders of Indonesian cuisine with you.